Odd Netflix shows, every creative should watch

4 min readJan 12, 2021


Artwork by Tristan Eaton

1. The world’s most extraordinary homes:

An incredibly humbling and awe-aspiring fact in our reality is that everything, literally everything, around us was created by a human being. Those bookshelves, large homes, phones, were merely just a blurry idea inside a person with a vision. As most creatives feel, there’s this grandiose idea inside of of all us waiting to come to life. However, in order to make it into a reality we must first understand how the world operates and what it looks like by picking it apart. Learn from incredible Architects on how they made their blurry dreams into incredible homes that are worth discovering.

2. The Final Table

Cooking is an art. The resourcefulness, quickness, and creativity at final plating is truly essential to building a delicious meal that leaves a memorable taste in someone’s starving mouth. Chiefs know this best, that timing it all perfectly takes patience, relentless passion, and lots of experience. Not only this, but food is also an incredible insight into learning about the chef and unique cultural characteristics around the world. For this reason, every meal is build through great research and thoughtfulness. Each country celebrates a special taste palette and there’s so many reasons why.

Find out how.

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hopefully by this point, most of us have heard and seen this incredible series. If at first glance, it seems as if It were meant for children or an anime enthusiast, than you haven’t yet been lucky enough to learn the life lessons in every episode. Art isn’t merely paint splatters on a canvas but a thought provoking collection of emotions and movement that guides people to think and approach the world differently. The art forms of bending in this series show us our true natural power and how to overcome our internal blocks to save the nation.

4. Get Organized with the Home Edit

If you’re an artist like me, you enjoy piles of “mess.” Not, because you’re a messy person but because seeing all the art materials around you stimulates your creativity. Although, I personally teeter from messy to OCD like artist, I find a lot of comfort in organizational hacks. If you own your own Etsy shop or generally find pleasure in organizing, this show is just that. Leave the “messiness” for the art studio, only.

5. The Mind explained

As mentioned Art is thought provoking. It’s a mirror to our soul and a glimpse into how we see the world. If you want to enhance your artistic abilities, research the world. Research people and why we choose, think, and act in certain ways. One great aspect of this show is that it dives deep into our flawed human tendencies like our memories and our dreams. It thoughtfully explains our incredibly meticulous design systems and how that could be. How is your Art impacting our memories? Our dreams?


Alongside, these incredible shows is one of my favorite documentaries so far: Abstract: the Art of Design. This much more obvious artistic reference dives deep into the mind of incredible artists who have transformed their blurred visions into thought provoking landscapes in unique ways. Their insightful rationales play on our human perceptions and leaves us with incredibly divisive art.

Art is purposeless without intuition, emotion, and care. All three of these require incredible reflection in ourselves and the world around us.

If you want to change the world, change yours first. And do what you know how to do best, be you.

The aim of art is not to represent the onward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

— Aristotle

Stay creating.




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